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Pretty much the last climbable section down river.
Routes at Dr. Needlepoint
1. Wall of Da Feet Top Rope 5.9
2. Balder Trad 5.4
3. Escutcheon Top Rope 5.11d
4. Conroy Top Rope 5.7
5. A Bridge Too Far Top Rope 5.10a
6. Inclined Plane Top Rope 5.7
7. Corkscrew Top Rope 5.4
8. Degree 101 Top Rope 5.11d
9. Backscratch Top Rope 5.10b
10. Last Exit Top Rope 5.6
11. East Face Top Rope
12. Blitzkrieg Top Rope 5.11d
13. Royal Bobbins Top Rope 5.11d
14. Dr. Needlepoint Top Rope 5.9
15. Dr. Needlepoint Corner Trad 5.3

Routes should be ordered logically, such as the order they are encountered from the approach trail. Because routes might be added at different times and in any order this tool lets users reorder how the routes are displayed.

Just click and drag the route names to reorder.