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The last wall before the trail dead ends at where the cliffs meet the water. With the short approach this area sees a lot of climber traffic.
Routes at Hades Heights
1. Kindergarten Top Rope 5.0
2. The Nose Top Rope 5.3
3. Spider Walk Top Rope 5.7
4. Silver Spot Top Rope 5.11b
5. Biceps Top Rope 5.9
6. Green Bucket Top Rope 5.9+
7. Desperation Top Rope 5.9+
8. Golden Staircase Top Rope 5.7
9. The Crack Trad 5.3
10. Nubble Face Top Rope 5.4
11. Bulging Crack Top Rope 5.6
12. Friction Layback Top Rope 5.6
13. Walk on By Top Rope 5.10d
14. Incipient Top Rope 5.9+
15. Chris' Goat Top Rope 5.7
16. Crippling Paralysis Top Rope 5.10d
17. Cripple's Crack Top Rope 5.10c
18. Cripple's Face Top Rope 5.9
19. Leonard's Lunacy Top Rope 5.10c
20. Yellow Jacket Top Rope 5.9
21. The Laundry Chute Trad 5.1
22. Serenity Syndrome Top Rope 5.11b
23. Flutterby Top Rope 5.10c
24. Butterfly Top Rope 5.9
25. Easy Layback Top Rope 5.6
26. Fingernail Top Rope 5.10b
27. Zig Zag Top Rope 5.12b
28. Triple A Top Rope 5.7
29. Mad Dog Top Rope 5.11a
30. Trudie's Terror Top Rope 5.4

Routes should be ordered logically, such as the order they are encountered from the approach trail. Because routes might be added at different times and in any order this tool lets users reorder how the routes are displayed.

Just click and drag the route names to reorder.