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The Northern most wall at Carderock, the trail wraps around from above here, offering an easier way down.

The approach is very short, making this a very popular weekend spot.

Routes at Jungle Cliff
1. Jam Crack Top Rope 5.2
2. Herbie's Left Top Rope 5.6
3. Herbiew Horror Top Rope 5.9
4. Chockstone Chimney Trad 5.3
5. Left Edge Top Rope 5.3
6. The Flake Top Rope 5.9+
7. Eight Ball Top Rope 5.11d
8. Jane's Face Center Top Rope 5.7
9. Copycat Top Rope 5.6
10. Sweethog Top Rope 5.6
11. Elsie's ArĂȘte Top Rope 5.8+
12. Elsie's Other Top Rope 5.7
13. The Dream Top Rope 5.11c
14. The Dream Direct Top Rope 5.12a
15. Vulgarian Wedge Top Rope 5.9+
16. The Rack Top Rope 5.7
17. The Rack Direct Top Rope 5.11d
18. Stearking's Crack Trad 5.7
19. Evan's Bolt Ladder Top Rope 5.12d
20. The Nose Direct Direct Top Rope 5.11d
21. Elsie's Nose Top Rope 5.10c
22. Elsie's Top Rope 5.7
23. The X Top Rope 5.7
24. Barnace Face Top Rope 5.3
25. Impossible Top Rope 5.10b
26. Buckets of Blood Top Rope 5.11d
27. Swayback Layback Top Rope 5.8
28. Swollen Head Top Rope 5.10a
29. Shipley's Top Rope 5.9
30. Ronnie's Leep Trad 5.7
31. The Bump Top Rope 5.8
32. Beginner's Crack Trad 5.3
33. Meenehan's Staircase Top Rope 5.5

Routes should be ordered logically, such as the order they are encountered from the approach trail. Because routes might be added at different times and in any order this tool lets users reorder how the routes are displayed.

Just click and drag the route names to reorder.