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A rarely visited area with 60 foot cliffs. The water levels for this area vary and high levels will make climbing difficult.
Routes at The Bulges
1. First Lead Corner Trad 5.0
2. Greyish Face Top Rope 5.4
3. FUBAR Top Rope 5.9
4. Orange Groove Top Rope 5.9
5. The Black Bulge Trad 5.4
6. Short Line Top Rope 5.10d
7. F.M Trad 5.7
8. Peg's Progress Trad 5.4
9. Super Bulge Top Rope 5.11b
10. Narrow Notch Trad 5.9
11. Wild Thing Top Rope 5.10b

Routes should be ordered logically, such as the order they are encountered from the approach trail. Because routes might be added at different times and in any order this tool lets users reorder how the routes are displayed.

Just click and drag the route names to reorder.