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Lion's Head - Lion's Head, Ontario, Canada
With the exception of the White Bluff area, the approach trails are on the top of the cliff. For these areas there are no trails at the base of the cliff; climbers need to be able to climb up in order to exit the crag.

Also note that many routes require a hanging belay, but there are some ledge areas that allow access to multiple routes. Do not top rope off trees and when setting rappel anchors off trees use appropriate measures to protect trees from damage.
Areas at Lion's Head
11 Routes
12 Routes
13 Routes
11 Routes
16 Routes
10 Routes
7 Routes
12 Routes
14 Routes
3 Routes

Man Overboard - Climber Man Overboard. Lady Slipper 5.10a - With the approach trail at the top of the cliff, routes in this area offer some great photo opportunities.  Man Overboard - Climber on Man Overboard. Dandy 5.10b - Climber and belayer on Dandy. Anarchy in High Heels 5.10b - Climber on Anarchy in High Heels. Anarchy in High Heels 5.10b - Climber on the start of Anarchy in High Heels. Brain Damage 5.11b - Climber on Brain Damage at White Bluff. Brain Damage 5.11b - Climber starting Brain Damage. The Punisher 5.11c - Climber on The Punisher. Nimbus 5.10b - Climbers on Nimbus. Plastic Victory Jug 5.10b - Climber nearing the top of Plastic Victory Jug. Lion's Head Overhang - Topo for the Lion's Head overhang, photo by Jeff Coughlan.