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The Garden - Sweet Home, Oregon, United States
Situated on national forest land just outside of Sweet Home, Oregon. Willamette Valley climbers have been climbing at The Garden since at least the early nineties. Many generations of climbers have rediscovered this gem; as a result of this problems go by many names.

The main area known as the Lower Garden, is the most accessible part of The Garden. It is the collection of boulders farther East on Quartzville Drive.

To get here set your GPS to Sunnyside County Park 44930 Quartzville Dr Foster, OR 97345. The Garden is on the right about 1.8 miles East on Quartzville Dr from this park.
Areas at The Garden
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Topo for Octernal - Topo for Octernal Scratch and Spliff Boulder - Topo for the Scratch and Spliff Boulder. Leave It To Jesus V2 - Topo for Leave It To Jesus V2  - Bruno V2 - Topo for Bruno. Gumby Slab V1 - Topo for Gumby Slab. Angry Mom V2 - The mossy start to Angry Mom. Watch Me Dude Boulder - Watch Me Dude Boulder The Good V3 - Topo for The Good V3 boulder. Swollen Member - Mr. Bigglesworth - Mr. Bigglesworth V1 Garden Groove - Garden Groove from road entrance for The Garden. The Ear Boulder - Topo for The Ear Boulder. The Ear - The Ear topo. Hula Corner Topo - Hula Corner Topo Don't Be a Dummy V1 - Topo for Don't Be a Dummy. Crazy Cool Arête V2 - Crazy Cool Arête Topo. Angry Grandma V7 - Angry Grandma Topo Octernal V8 - Octernal extra mossy. Frontside Baldo Boulder - Topo for Frontside Baldo Boulder. Spray Against the Undertow V2 - Topo for Spray Against the Undertow. Shed Off boulder - Topo for Shed Off boulder. Soule Did It V2 - Topo for Soule Did It. Bitchin Corners East Face - Topo for the East face of Bitchin Corners. Scratch and Spliff Boulder - Topo for the Scratch and Spliff Boulder. Ed's Arête - Topo for Ed's Arête. Toilet Bowl boulders - Topo for Scrubbing Bubbles on the Toilet Bowl boulders. Giant Killers - Giant Killers Topo Hueco Boulder Topo - Topo for the Hueco boulder.