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Seneca Rocks - Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, United States
Located in the Monongahela National Forest, this Tuscarora Quartzite fin towers almost 275 meters about Seneca Creek. Most routes here require traditional protection, with a few harder sport routes to be found. However Seneca Rocks is best known for multi-pitch trad climbs. There are a wide variety of route difficulties to be found here, making sure there is something for everyone.
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5 Routes
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Gunsight to South Peak Direct 5.4 - Climber on Gunsight to South Peak Direct. West Face of the North Peak - Topo of the West Face on the North Peak. Rappelling from Pleasant Overhangs. - The rappel from Pleasant Overhangs can be done with two 70 meter ropes. Gunsight to South Peak 5.4 - The start of Gunsight to South Peak. Neck Press - Topo for Neck Press. Topo for Banana 5.6 - Topo for Banana, often linked with Debbie to reach Gunsight to South Peak. Topo for Debbie 5.6 - Start of Debbie. Second pitch of Tomato 5.8 - Topo for the second pitch of Tomato. South Peak - West Face Topo - Topo for the West face of the South peak. Le Gourmet Third Pitch Start - Start of the third pitch of Le Gourmet. Bell Wall Topo - Topo for the Bell Wall. Thais Route Topo - Topo for Thais.